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 At Elite General Patinting, we know decks are a very popular, simple and cost effective way to extend living space to your home. Your decks should make it enjoyable to spend time outside day or night. They also add to the home and extend the entertainment and outdoor dining.

 Like everything else around your home decks are subject to the damaging effects of  moisture and prolongs exposure to the elements. A deck that is not cared for  properly it turns a dull gray color. The degradation is caused by dirt, moss, algae,  and other plants. This soon begins to break down the surface of the planks.  Splinters form, creating a rougher surface that is even more inviting to dirt and  plants. Before long, you have a dingy deck that's treacherous when wet and riddled  with splinters. To ensure your deck stays in great shape all year long, give Elite General Painting a call and we'll provide a free deck sealing consultation and estimate.

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